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Unfolding Beauty

The Rosette emerges as a poetic representation of life's harmonious rhythms and a symbolic expression of love and affection.

In Anishinaabe tradition, Rosette is a bearer of warmth, a nurturer of life, reflecting the embracing and caring energies of universal love.

Draped in the elegance and emotional richness of the Rosette, experience the beauty of shared love, the tenderness of affectionate moments, and the joy of heartfelt connections.

ROSETTE Love + Affection

100% Indigenous Women Owned

A Gift of Honour and Wisdom

The Feather represents a connection to the Creator, a pathway to higher wisdom.

Gifting a feather, especially during significant celebrations and milestones such as graduations, achievements and pivotal life events, symbolizes respect and honour.

A Feather is an acknowledgment of one’s journey and is a deeply meaningful and personal gift.

FEATHER Spiritual Journey + Honour

100% Indigenous Women Owned

The Grounding Grace of Turtle

The Turtle holds a place of profound respect and significance. It is often associated with life, earth, time, and longevity, embodying the essence of endurance and serene wisdom.

According to Anishinaabe tradition, the Turtle generously offered its back to carry the weight of the earth, playing a crucial role in the creation of the world.

A symbol of motherhood, protection, and a beautiful gesture for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, or milestones, resonating with those who value harmony and endurance.

TURTLE Healing + Wisdom

100% Indigenous Women Owned

The Tale of Rosebud

The Rosebud stands as a delicate testament to life's beginnings and the promise of what's yet to bloom.

With endless potential nestled inside each bud, Rosebud symbolizes the delicate promise of tomorrow.

A perfect gift for anyone stepping into a new chapter, embracing new possibilities, or simply celebrating the soft and subtle beauties of life.

ROSEBUD Celebration + Transformation

100% Indigenous Women Owned

Wear the story, be the legend.

Thunderbird is a powerful symbol in many Indigenous cultures. This majestic creature is believed to shape the winds, the rains, and the storms.

This design specifically represents the Anishinaabe people and is a significant representation, similar to a flag.

Thunderbird is a powerful gesture for anyone facing challenges, or seeking to embrace their own power and freedom.

THUNDERBIRD Strength + Protection

100% Indigenous Women Owned

Blend of Authenticity and Aesthetic Brilliance

Silver Feather transcends ornamental beauty—it’s a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary elegance. Our sterling silver collection is a testament to the harmonious amalgamation of timeless traditions and modern design, transforming every piece into a living dialogue of style and culture.

Debut Collection



Crafted to Resonate

Silver woven with emotions, sentiments crafted to resonate deeply with everyone who encounters them. By featuring Silver Feather, you provide your customers not just high-quality beauty but connection to pieces that truly speak to their souls.