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ROSETTE by Sharifah



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The Unfolding Story of the Rosette: The Rosette emerges as a cherished emblem of love and a poetic representation of life's harmonious rhythms. A symbolic expression of love and affection.

The Rosette, in Anishinaabe tradition, is a bearer of warmth, a nurturer of life, reflecting the embracing and caring energies of universal love and the graceful elegance of nature’s cycles. It stands as a poetic representation of life's harmonious rhythms and the gentle unfolding of nature’s treasures, signifying growth, blossoming, and the nurturing essence of existence.

A Gift of Warmth and Elegance: Choosing this piece means choosing a representation of universal love and the graceful elegance of nature’s cycles. It’s a thoughtful and affectionate gift, suitable for anyone celebrating new beginnings, cherishing moments of transition, or embracing the joyful dance of existence.

Product Details:

Sterling Silver 

18" (45cm) Chain Included 

Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.25"  (3.17cm)

Authenticator: Designers Initial On Back

Designer: Anishinaabe Artist Sharifah MarsdenImage of Sharifah Marsden wearing her custom jewellery

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